About Us

Located in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis just across the Mississippi River, Gorkha Palace offers authentic Nepali, Indian and Tibetan cuisine. We use high quality fresh ingredients sourced from local organic and sustainable farming. Our dairy products are organic, meats are naturally and humanely raised without hormones or antibiotics. Our spices are ground fresh and ghee (clarified butter) is made in house.

Gorkha Palace is named after an ancient historic palace that sits atop a hill in Nepal. From the palace one can see the majestic snowcapped mountains and the captivating rolling green valleys that will take one’s breath away.

We are proud to be the first within the Nepali, Indian and Tibetan restaurant community to go Green. In our effort to reduce waste and positively impact the environment, we have partnered with Eureka Recycling, a local non-profit organization to compost our entire food waste and paper products as well as recycle other packaging materials.


To provide delicious authentic well prepared meals at a fair price using high quality ingredients that are fresh and locally produced in sustainable farmlands, thus providing a superior dining experience. To consistently provide our guests exceptional service, maintain cleanliness, freshness, and variety so that we can have a lasting positive culinary impact on our customers. To provide our employees a healthy, safe work environment with a focus on fairness in treatment as well as pay; we believe this mission and vision of equity will result in increased loyalty, cooperation and growth. These objectives shall generate a fair profit, which in turn will allow us to further contribute to the community we serve.


From the delectable, juicy, momo of traditional Tibet to the richly flavored spiced curries of Nepal and India, our eclectic cuisine reflects the flavors of the Himalayans. Our foods are prepared in the style of South Asia and Tibet, a little spicy and little sweet. Our style of cooking is reminiscent of the Mughal Empire of India and the Royal cuisines of cultural Nepal and Tibet. Enjoy the unique culinary experience that Gorkha Palace brings as you journey across the globe to mystical Asia. Due to the large variety in our cuisine and the availability of seasonal vegetables, our menu will change frequently.


Rashmi Bhattachan
Rashmi grew up in the mountainous city of Pokara in Nepal. She is passionate about cooking and loves to share her culinary delights with family, friends, relatives and loyal customers. Her passion for cooking was instilled in her by her grandmother. For the past three years Rashmi has operated a small business at the Mill City Farmers Market selling Mo:Mo’s (potstickers), Curries and Daal (Lentil soups). She plans to continue the market’s tradition of promoting local farms, organic and fresh high quality ingredients. Rashmi has a Masters Degree in Business Management and given her successful business experiences at the Farmer’s Market she feels confident her new restaurant will be successful too.

Sarala Kattel
Sarala brings over six years of professional restaurant experience with her to Gorkha Palace. She was the head chef of many popular Nepali/Indian restaurants. She started out as a prep cook and moved her way up in the restaurant world, and is adept at developing a variety of menu’s and dishes. She along with Rashmi is passionate about cooking and serving good food. Her delicious meals leave a lasting impression on her customers ––always wanting to come back again and again to try another dish. Rashmi and Sarala are confident that together they will create cooking magic in the restaurant, Gorkha Palace and make their customers very happy and wanting for more.